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Hi I'm Skyler there a couple different ways you can control screen orientation on an iPad and the reason I want to do this is say if you're in iBooks and I'm just going to open up a book of some sort I go to collections and books here we go so I'm looking at my books and open this one up okay so let's say I want to stay in this view which is continuous scrolling nice and wide allows me to see everything and when I tip my iPad up it changes the orientation well that's irritating there's a quick way to fix that if you've got multitasking gestures enabled use four fingers and swipe up swipe to the right and tap this button right here your screen orientation has just been locked really easy to do that another way to do this is to go to settings and right here under general use side switch to lock rotation your side switch by the way is this one right here by your volume so if you switch it down you'll see orange if it's up you'll see black or aluminum sorry so if it's aluminum and you've switched it to lock rotation it means that it will continue to rotate when you twist it but if it's orange it means that it will stay in the orientation that you would like so two different ways either Settings General lock rotation use the side switch or multitasking swipe lock the screen that's it thanks for watching I'm Skyler you

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What is the best PDF reader for iPad?
PDF Reader is one of the best apps for iPad out there. It’s not only powerful, but also cross-platform. You can view, edit, manage, and share PDF documents right on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android or Windows devices.The functions available at PDF Reader are:Inserting imagesAnnotating PDFsLooking up words in the built-in dictionaryVoice notesAdding PDF watermarksRotating and arranging PDFsImages and pages extractorPDF Reader is also connected to Kdan Cloud - a dedicated cloud solution which allows you to synchronize the docs and assets across different apps.You can download PDF Reader for iPad here: PDF Reader – Annotate, Sign and Edit PDF Documents on the App Store
What is the best PDF reader/editor for iPad?
PDF Reader is one of the best apps for iPad. It’s full-featured for all kinds of tasks you may want to perform with your documents and the app interface itself is very intuitive.PDF Reader allows you to:Merge, split and rotate the pagesAnnotate PDFsAdd signaturesAdd watermarksAdd hyperlinksLeave voice commentsConvert PDFsLookup words in the dictionaryExport textPDF Reader is also cross-platform and has its own cloud solution. So you can start working on iPad, and then continue working on the same docs on your Mac, Windows, iOS or Android devices.Disclaimer: I am part of Kdan Mobile’s team and therefore can be a bit biased when it comes to choosing PDF solutions.
How can I get good at visual and interaction design?
Man, these are some highfalutin answers... Guys, I'm sure the asker knows that design isn't just the pretty pretty. His question is very clear. It's about finding some insightful tips that might make his prototypes a bit more presentable. Most of you are too busy being insecure about a designer's place in the world to actually give the guy some help.So here goes. Here are some easy rules of thumb to help your rough prototype interfaces look a bit less rough.1. Line things upYou don't have to go all the way to using a real grid for the sake of a prototype, but neither should your element placement be random. Line everything up with something else.2. WeightingThink about levels of importance and make sure everything on the screen has a visually presentation appropriate for it's level of importance. Ways of making an element more important feeling include:Placement (top left is a pretty important spot)SizeContrastColorPadding (don't crowd the king)3. PhysicalityWant people to want to click your buttons? Make them look fun to touch. Give them dimension using CSS gradients, borders, box-shadows, inset box-shadows, and text-shadows. Here are a few good rules of thumb:Consistent light source – You light should probably come from 90 degrees above. Make sure your shadows and gradients all reflect this. Seriously, don't screw this one up.Be subtle – Going overboard is a rookie mistake. Even a nearly imperceptible grade will change the feel of a thing.Button states – Include :hover and :active states for your buttons. The hover state should usually be higher contrast, and the active state might use a darker background, gradient, or inset box-shadow to make the thing appear depressed when clicked.Inset text – Putting text on a button with a gradient? Consider a subtle, dark text-shadow offset UPWARDS by 1px.Border colors – A subtle and underused method of creating dimensionality is to simply use a darker border color on the bottom (or top). Bam! A sense of depth with no need for shadows! Try this: border:1px solid #999, border-bottom-color:#555,4. Subtle colorsIn design, as in life, nothing is ever black and white. If your design includes a lot of pure black and pure white, it had better be an intentional design motif. If not, consider using #222 or #333 for your standard text, for instance.And don't forget to check Dribbble daily to see what the cool kids are doing.
What are the top ten iPad apps for a high schooler?
Language Arts/Reading:iBooks - a ereader book store.Book Creator - Create your own iBooks right on the iPad.(Allows everything except video)Reading Trainer - This app teaches you how to train youreyes and brain to read and comprehend text faster. Think ofit as exercise for your reading skills.Dictionary.com - Dictionary & Thesaurus - A dictionary anda Thesaurus.Literary Analysis Guide - Elements of literature are arrangedgraphically around three wheels (poetry, prose, andrhetoric).Kindle - Kindle is an eReader from Amazon.comShakespeare Pro - Complete works of Shakespeare. 41plays, 154 sonnets, and 6 poems. All works can be crosssearched for anything.Jules Verne Collection - Sixteen of Jules Verne's booksMaxJournal - A simple and elegant journal.meStudying: Reading For College Success - A practicereading placement test from the Florida Virtual School.LitCharts - Link to LitCharts website. Each of the LitChartsare available on the iPadMath:Algebra Touch - An amazingly easy App that allows you torefresh your knowledge of Algebra with an interfacedesigned for iOS devices.Alge-Bingo - Develop your algebraic equation solving skillsthrough playing a Bingo game. This game takes you step bystep through the process of learning how to solve the mostbasic equation up through multiple-step equations.KineMath - Students can manipulate twelve differentfunctions, interact with graphs and plots, copy and exporttheir work, and view examples for deeper understanding.MATHsKOOL 6 - MATHsKOOL 6 contains twelve activitiesdesigned to develop skill working with advanced solvingtechniques.Math Formulas - Reference Guide - This app contains over100 math forumlas at a high school level. Most formulashave examples for ease of understanding. A great app forhigher level math.The Ruler - measure things in inches or centimetersMath Quizzer - Math Quizzer is an interactive and fun wayto, not only learn, but also to boost your skills in, Addition,Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. It offers an easy tounderstand chalkboard visual, which keeps track of your"score" as you progress.Bloomberg - Bring the power of the most trusted source forfinancial information to your iPad, along with tools to helpyou analyze the world's markets.Fractals - Move and pinch fractals in real time.Geometry Stash - Access the most commonly usedtheorems, postulates, and corollaries.CalculatorsSpaceTime - Powerful graphing calculator. 2D and 3DgraphingPocketCAS pro - Advanced Graphic and Symbolic ScientificCalculator. Handles every mathematical problem you mightencounter in school or university.PocketCAS lite - Free Graphic calculator. Not as manyfeatures as the pro version above.Quick Graph - 2D and 3D graphing calculator.Social Studies:U.S. Geography by Discovery Education - Become an expertin U.S. Geography with this app. Dozens of videos andinteractive gameplay.Civil War America's Epic Struggle -Civil War: America's EpicStruggle Features over 1,000 high-res photos, more than anhour of multimedia presentations, in excess of 100 authenticmaps, dozens of first hand accounts, and numerous textarticles and biographies, it provides instantaneous access toinformation on every aspect of the war.Beautiful Planet HD - Beautiful Planet is a groundbreakingapp that captures the breathtaking beauty of our world andits cultures. Featuring a collection of galleries three decadesin the making by travel photographer, author and explorer,Peter Guttman, Beautiful Planet spans seven continents and160 countries.World Atlas HD - The best maps available from NationalGeographicHistory:Maps of World - Collection of High-Resolutionhistorical Maps.USA Thematic Atlas & Facts - High quality maps filled withfacts and information.USA Puzzle - A USA puzzle that needs to be put together.Double tap on the state for information about that state.Motionx GPS HD - Maps and navigation instruments. Mapsfrom all over the world. Can include waypoints. Can be goodfor Geocaching.The History Clock - An app that converts the current time toa year and gives a fast fact about that year.The World Factbook for iPad - Extensive information of over250 countries around the world.WORLD BOOK - This Day in History - Interactive multimediacalendar that features historical events for the day.The Presidency - Historical information on every Presidentof the United States.Presidents HD- Historical information on every President ofthe United States.Declaration for iPad - A copy of the Declaration ofIndependence.Constitution for iPad - A copy of the Constitution of theUnited States.MyCongress - A portal to detailed information about electedcongress officials. Please note: This is not an officialgovernment resourceGeogXPert - A reference app - containing maps which allowyou to look up countries and find country information - aswell as a quiz app.Science:EMD PTE - A highly interactive periodic table of elements.AP Biology Vocabulary Review - All of the vocabularyincluded in the College Board AP Biology Course.VideoScience - Science experiments with video.Chem 11 Prep - Grade 11 Chemistry exam prep.The Elements: A Visual Exploration - If you think you've seenthe periodic table, think again. The Elements: A VisualExploration lets you experience the beauty and fascinationof the building blocks of our universe in a way you've neverseen before. And as the first really new ebook developedfrom the ground up for iPad, The Elements beautifully showsoff the capabilities of this lovely device.HowToSolve - Molar Mass - A great chemistry tutorial appon the topic of how to calculate molar massNewtons Laws - Explains Newton's first two laws of motionand his law of universal gravitation.Periodic Table of the Elements - Standard periodic table ofelements. Free as of May 16, 2010Science Glossary - an extensive glossary of scientific termsand biographies.PhysicsXL: Mechanics - An app that contains a series ofexercises based on physics.HD Birds Encyclopedia - Highly graphic encyclopedia thathas detailed and comprehensive information about a varietyof birds.myArm Muscles - Visually rich and stimulating way to learnabout our complex arm muscles.PLoS Reader - Read the most recent articles from the sevenjournals published by the Public Library of Science.HD Marine Life - An encyclopedia of marine life.Frog Dissection - A virtual frog dissection app.Human Biology3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool - Learn about the cell andits structures in a 3D tool.3D Heart & Circulatory Premium - An amazingly detailedApp that shows the heart and circulatory systems.3D Digestive Anatomy for iPad - A great app illustrating theentire digestive system.3D Brain - Rotate and zoom around 29 interactive structuresin the brain.Molecules - View and manipulate 3D renderings ofmolecules.AstronomyHD Solar System - Highly graphic encyclopedia that hasdetailed and comprehensive information about the solarsystem.GoSkyWatch Planetarium - Easily and quickly identify andlocate stars, planets, constellations and more with a touchor by simply pointing to the sky. Have fun with family andfriends discovering the images in the night sky. Go outsideand explore the night sky.Star Walk - An interactive astronomy guide.Solar Walk - A 3D Solar System Model.Distant Suns - A database of over 130,000 stars, nebula,and galaxies.DrakeEQ HD - 3D simulation of the Milky Way GalaxyGoSkyWatch Planetarium - Locate stars, planets, andconstellations.Electives/Other:Magic Piano - Play timeless pieces on spiral and circularkeyboards, or follow beams of light – mastery requires onlyimagination. Play alone, or travel through a warp hole andplay Piano Roulette with other performers across the world.Fashion Sketchbook: The Stylish Dress Up Game - A fashiondesign application that allows the users to design outfits.ArtAdobe Ideas - a digital sketchbookSketchBook Pro - A professional-grade paint and drawingapplication.Brushes - Brushes is a painting application designed fromscratch for the iPad. Featuring an advanced color picker,several realistic brushes, multiple layers, extreme zooming,and a simple yet deep interface, it is a powerful tool forcreating original artwork on your mobile device. The June 1,2009 cover of The New Yorker was created in Brushes.Van Gogh HD - A virtual gallery of Vincent Van Gogh's workfeaturing hundreds of high definition paintings of hisgreatest works.Klimt HD - A virtual gallery of Austrian Painter Gustav Klimtwork featuring hundreds of high definition paintings of hisgreatest works.Smudge - Finger painting appSkrambler X - Assemble famous masterpieces like a jigsawpuzzle. Learn interesting facts about the artists and theirartwork while putting each piece in place.Gravilux - an app that lets you draw with starsThe Hot Rod Art Book: Masters of Chicken Scratch - Over100 pages of hot rod artwork. Over one and a half hours ofinstructional videos that show the complete process fromsketch to rendering.Foreign LanguageTAO - TranslateIt! Online - one click translation of text intonumerous languages using Google translate.AIUEO-HIRAGANA - Touch, Listen, and Learn Japanese.Japanese Phrases & Lessons - 2,700 Japanese phrases withsoundFrench English Dictionary & Translator - French - EnglishDictionaryTouchLanguage French - Learn over 2,000 French wordsand phrasesBidBox Vocabulary Trainer: English - Spanish - LearnSpanish vocabulary简明英汉词典 - English - Chinese DictionaryGerman English Dictionary & Translator - German - EnglishDictionaryItalian English Dictionary & Translator - Italian - EnglishDictionaryMusicKey Wiz - Learn how to play the piano.Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD - Learn the basics of music andhow to play the piano.Magic Piano - Play the piano freestyle or on a spiralkeyboard.Air Harp - Strum and pluck the strings for a harp sound.ESE Modifications/AccomodationsProloquo2Go - full featured alternative communicationsolution for people who have difficulty speakingSpeak it! Text to Speech - A high quality text to speech app.Pocket Picture Planner HD - Use pictures or graphics tocreate a visual calendar.All Subjects/General/Productivity:Keynote - A slideshow presentation programPages - A word processing programNumbers - A spreadsheet applicationiBooks - a ereader book store.Inspiration Maps - This App is ideal for brainstorming,analyzing, and organizing information. If you are familiarwith the desktop version of Inspiration, this is a great port tothe iPad.eClicker Presenter / eClicker Audience - A completelyredesigned clicker App that has tons of new features. Turnsyour iPad into a clicker system. The teacher needs thepresenter App and the students need the Audience App. ThisApp is highly recommended!!BrainPOP Featured Movie - Tim and Mobi on the iPad! Allaccess to BrainPOP's 750+ Movie library and Quizzes ifyour district subscribes.Notability - text to speech or just a note taking appPuppet Pals - Create your own unique shows with animationand audio in real time!Bento - Manage things with 25 ready to use databases.GoodReader - Within moments of downloading GoodReader,you'll be transferring files from the computer to the iPad.Supports a wide range of files.Note Taker HD - An app for writing handwritten notes,diagrams, etc.Sundry Notes Pro - Sundry Notes is the first social notetaking application. Write, draw, record and research rightwithin the app - and then share your notes with others.Takenotes right within your application, including: Write text (andchange font color, size, etc.), draw anywhere in your notes,search Wikipedia, Google, and Google Books - and grabimages from them for your notes using two fingers, ImportPDFs from the internet, Import images from your photolibrary, record sound/voice, Change page background tograph paper, lined paper, legal paper, etc.MindNode - Mind mapping, brainstorming, organization.iThoughtsHD - A mind map tool for the iPadEvernote - Evernote turns the iPad into an extension of yourbrain, helping you remember anything and everything thathappens in your life.Stick It - Sticky Notes with Bump™ - Sticky notes you canshare with other iPad UsersEducate - The ultimate teacher's companion providingmobile access to your student's data, teaching strategies,eLearning tools, and timetable.Cramberry - Create flash cards to study from.Professor Garfield Cyberbullying - Garfield and Friends shareinformation about CyberbullyingProfessor Garfield Online Safety - Garfield and Friends shareinformation about Online SafetyPDF Reader Pro Edition - PDF reader.Discovery Education - Educational videos (SubscriptionRequired)Move the Turtle - Move the Turtle is an educational app thatteaches the basics of creating computer programs usingintuitive graphic commands. A friendly Turtle will introducethe user step by step to the basic commands ofprogramming in a colorful graphic environment.
What are the newest features of Apple iOS 11?
There are at least 22 new and upgrated features in the new iOS:1. A swipe down from the top of the screen reveals your notifications, just as it has for some time now. However, the Lock Screen is now where notifications are displayed.It's confusing, mainly because it looks just like your lock screen, but it's not the lock screen. And on top of that, only a couple of notifications are displayed unless you swipe up to view older alerts. It's weird and will take some getting used to.2. Highlight and then press on a word or highlighted section to drag and drop it into other location. This only works within the same app and document on the iPhone, at least.3. Apple is doing its part to eliminate distracted driving. Your iPhone can now detect when you're in a moving vehicle and can, if you want it to, automatically enable Do Not Disturb While Driving.4. There are times when the best way to explain something is to draw a picture. When composing an email, long-press and then select Insert Drawing from the pop-up. Draw, sketch or play tic-tac-toe and send it on its way.5. With iOS 11, Apple is finally moving the volume control that used to take over the screen when you were watching a video. Instead of showing a giant, annoying volume graphic, Apple tucked the volume indicator into a corner of the screen.6. Apple is once again trying its hand at a social-oriented service with Apple Music profiles. The first time you launch Apple Music after updating to iOS 11, the app walks you through setting up your profile and privacy settings. In the future, you can find your profile and the same settings in the For You tab with a tap on your profile icon.7. Instead of your trying to capture a precious moment during a FaceTime call by taking a screenshot, iOS 11 will let you take a Live Photo of the call. The toggle is in Settings FaceTime.Tap the new shutter button while on a FaceTime call to take a FaceTime Live Photo.8. The Apple Watch is no longer the only Apple device with an Emergency SOS mode. Your iPhone can now call local authorities and contacts of your choosing if you simply press the power button five times.Depending on your preferences, which you can set in Settings Emergency SOS, your phone will either prompt you to complete the call or will do it automatically.9. You can now add a shortcut to the Notes app in iOS 11's revamped Control Center, and access the Notes from the lock screen.Hidden in Settings Notes is an option to select whether you want Notes to open the last note you edited, or if you want to create a new note every time you access Notes from the lock screen.10. It's a small change, but the look of Apple's Handoff feature to open apps and web pages from a nearby Apple device has been slightly tweaked.11. A new sharing option has been added to iOS 11. It's called Markup as PDF and it lets you do just what it says.When viewing a web page, a photo or a file, tap the Share icon and select Create PDF. You can then use the iOS markup tool to draw, sign or add text to the document before saving or sharing it.12. A new Accessibility feature does away with the need to talk to Siri. Instead, you can type to Apple's digital assistant.Open Settings General Accessibility Siri and toggle Type to Siri to the On position.Now, whenever you hold the home button to activate Siri a keyboard will pop up for use.13. If your power button breaks, you can still turn the phone off with a new Shut Down option in Settings General. To turn your iPhone back on, you'll need to have a charging cable handy, as the iPhone will turn on the moment it's plugged in to charge.14. Apple is using a new photo and video file format starting with iOS 11, but if you'd rather not mess with it or are running into compatibility issues, you can revert back to the older format.Open Settings Camera Formats to set your own preference.15. You can now decide whether you want apps to refresh in the background based on your device's connection type.Open Settings General Background App Refresh Background App Refresh and select from Off, Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi & Cellular Data.16. The iPad's new app dock has a section that displays recently used apps, but if you're not a fan of the constant suggestions you can disable it.Open Settings General Multitasking and turn Show Recents to Off.17. Apple has added a one-handed keyboard option to the iPhone. There are two ways to activate it:Settings General Keyboards One Handed KeyboardLong-press on the emoji or globe icon on the keyboardYou can select a right- or left-handed keyboard, and switch back to a full keyboard either by following the same steps outlined above, or tapping on the arrow placed next to the keyboard.18. Instead of having to go through each and every app's notification settings to set your privacy preference, iOS 11 now has a universal setting for message previews.Go to Settings Notifications Show Previews. There you can select the default setting for all apps.19. When typing on the iPad's digital keyboard, you no longer have to press the shift or symbol keys to insert some special characters. Instead, you can press a key and flick down on it to insert the corresponding symbol on it.For example, in this GIF, you can see the gesture used on the Q key to insert "11," and again to insert the "!" through the comma key at the end of the sentence.20. Instead of mashing the Updates button to force your iOS device to check for updates, Apple has (finally) added pull-to-refresh.21. When looking for previously purchased or installed apps in the App Store app, you'll quickly notice the Purchased link isn't readily available.Starting with iOS 11, you'll need to open the App Store and tap on the profile icon where you'll find Purchased once again.22. Taking screenshots of a FaceTime call to save a photo is no longer necessary. As of iOS 11, you can now capture a live photo of your screen during a call.Both parties need to have the feature enabled for it to work. To enable it go to Settings FaceTime FaceTime Live Photos. Then the next time you're in a FaceTime call, just tap on the shutter button.For more posts please see the blog of the Solar Digital company.If you like the comment, please upvote it!