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Deborah W.
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James S.
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William G.
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I edited the document with my mobile phone. It was fast and, as a result, I’ve got a professional-looking document.

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How do I remove the watermark from a flip page on Page Flip PDF demo version?
Hi,If you want to want to erase watermark you can try PDF Watermark Eraser. I used this tool it easily remove watermark from PF without any problem. But, I didn't use this software for flip pages. So, you can try this software. I hope it will resolve your problem.Thanks & Regards
Is there an easy way to permanently flip a PDF file?
If you have the free version of Adobe Reader XI (and perhaps others) this is what you do:1. Rotate the page the way you want.2. Then, go to "Edit" (not "View") at the top of the page.3. Select "Preferences".4. Then select the "Documents" category.5. Under "Open Settings" checkmark the option to "Restore Last View Settings When Reopening Documents".This will keep your rotation next time you open the document.ORUsing Acrobat Pro, there are two methods of rotating pages. Think of one method as a view rotation and the other as a total file rotation. You want to go after the file rotation.Problem. Most commonly used is the view rotation method (not permanent). Generally, these are menu buttons or perhaps you are using Ctrl+Shift+Plus/Minus to rotate left or right. Don't use this. Following a view rotation, notice your save icon is grayed out and if you save as..., there is no change.Solution. Open your file that you want rotated (even if it is 1000 pages all in the wrong direction). Go to Document/Rotate Pages... or use Ctrl+Shift+R and this opens your rotation menu. You have several rotation options to rotate single pages, all pages, or a selection of pages. Choose what you need and select OK to proceed. Now you have two options, 1. You will notice your save icon is no longer grayed out so you can permanenly save the file, 2. You will be able to save as... a new file, should you want to keep the original in tact. Both options permanenly save your chosen rotation(s). This has been built into to software for quite some time but is often overlooked - and rightly so as its not immediately evident.No cumbersome third-party software needed to resolve (or learn).No printer driver to fumble with.Ok, with more detail.Probably easiest is to use SEARCH TOOLS and type "Rotate". This will show you several choices. Choose Organize Pages. (This is also in the default panel on the right hand side, or under View Tools Organize Pages).From here you can do various things to pages including Rotate. There are also rotate icons on the special Organize toolbar.This isn't especially obvious to find, but it's important to know about. On no account use View Rotate View as it only rotates the view, not the page.
Where can I download free software from to make a pdf flip catalogue, that isnt just a trial version?
Publitas can help you make as many PDF flip catalogues as you want for free. It's a web app so you don't need to download or install any software either. Unlike Issuu, it won't show publications from other publishers next to your catalogue(s).
How do I convert a flip page catalogue from PDF files to an HTML/Flash catalogue for an online publication?
Publishing a catalog is an expensive endeavor for any business, and you may not have enough money to publish a catalog that will entice your customers to buy. You must give your customers something to read related to your business, but printing paper catalogs is out of the question. prodalist is an online publishing house that brings you content from all over the world.The connection it has to the social media market alone will improve the position of your business, and you can publish at any time on their product platform. Your Catalog Ideals Every company wants to create a catalog that is perfect for their company. The catalog must look like it belongs in your product store, and you must have an aesthetic that is perfectly matched to your business. This service is a the best PDF catalog creator product because it lets you match your aesthetic to the documents and products you use to make your catalog.