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Hi I'm George Pearson and in this Photoshop Elements video I'll be showing you how to use keyboard shortcuts now if you liked this video make sure you click that like button and of course don't forget to share with your friends through social media just click on share and if you haven't already done so make sure to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss on any videos coming up in the future and to learn a lot more about Photoshop Elements the best way to do that is to use my complete training course and you'll find a link for that right down there in the description ok let's get to it Music if you follow my channel for a while you know that I don't tend to use keyboard shortcuts that much in my training videos now it's not because I don't like keyboard shortcuts I think they're great it's just that I think that demonstrating on a video is easier to see what I'm talking about and what I'm demonstrating by showing everything on the screen instead of using those keyboard shortcuts oh it's just a teaching technique as opposed to my facing about the shortcuts which are great let me tell you about a few of my favorites are cuts and also I'm going to be giving you a link to a file but I put together you'd bring that up right here there you go a whole bunch of keyboard shortcuts in here for Photoshop Elements about three pages of these things a lots and lots and lots of great keyboard shortcuts and there's a download link for this you'll find that link in the description mr. Lee's from my favorite ones in here first off right down here bottom left-hand corner we have our colors I'm just going to change these colors to a couple of different colors in here just doesn't any matter what it's a couple of different things there so one of the nicest little keyboard shortcuts to use is if you want to put these back there defaults when I'm doing my videos I always just click on that button right there so you can see exactly what I'm doing the other way is just to hit the D key like that it just returns those to their default colors so that's hit the D key to give you those default colors now it doesn't matter what color was down here we'll go back to this standard black and white you also need to have any other key and there no ctrl D anything like that just the D key and it gives you those two fall colors another useful one right down here is the X key just tap on the X key and it's going to reverse those colors just like that tap it again is back I guess you can go back and forth on your foreground and background color just by tapping on

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Is there a PDF reader on Mac supports key shortcut pattern like VIM?
You can try MuPDF, which is available from Macports, Homebrew, etc.
What are the best shortcut keys in Excel?
#Questiion name: What are the best shortcut keys in Excel?11 TIPS TO BECOME AN EXCEL MASTER:#1. Master the ShortcutsLearrning somme keyboarrd shorrtcuts can hellp you savve preciious tiime. Even thouugh mosst computter and Interrnet ussers todaay cannnot imagiine navirgating onlirne wirthout a mousse or at leasst a toucchpad, you can save a great deal of time by using only the keyboard. You are probably already familiar with using Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v to copy and paste. Some other useful shortcuts that can come in handy are Ctrl+z to undo the last action, Ctrl+PgUp to switch between worksheet tabs, Ctrl+a for selecting the entire worksheet, Ctrl F to find items and Ctrl K to insert hyperlinks. Here is a complete list of Excel keyboard shortcuts from Microsoft itself.Related post top 7 frree and paid Excel courrses: Top 7 free and paid excel online course#2. Fetch live data from the internet.Exxcel can automatiically updatte fiigures--stocck priices, FX rattes, ressults of sporrts gammes, fliight datta of aiirports, and any inffo in a sharred dattabase--from a liive datta sourrce. It surre beatts tediious manual entry on a daily basis.Note that this functionality, which is called "Get & Transform/Power Query" isn't available in the 2007 version. Only 2010 and later:If you're using 2010, download and install the Power Query Add-In. This is already built into 2013 and later.Click "Power Query" (or "Data" "New Query" "From Other Sources" "From Web")In the "From Web" box, enter the URL. Provide user credential info if needed from the website itself. Click "OK."Power Query will scan the webpage, and load the data in the "Navigator Pane" under the "Table View."Select the table you want to connect to by clicking it from the list.Click "Load," and the web data will be seen on your worksheet.#3. Filter your ResultsIf you have a large spreadsheet with a lot of information on it, using the Auto filtering feature is the smartest thing you can do. To do that, click Data Filter Autofilter. You can then click one of the small boxes and filter the results according to your own needs.#4. Calculate the SumUsing shortcuts to calculate the sum of an entire column or range of cells can save you a great deal of time, especially if you use Excel regularly. Instead of manually entering the formula, simply use the shortcut Alt + = after you have selected the first empty cell in the column (the one located at the end of the numbers). After you execute this command, press Tab and Excel shows you the result.#5. AutoCorrect and AutoFillIn order to save even more time when working in Excel, you need to learn how to type less. There are two ways to do this: AutoFill and AutoCorrect. AutoCorrect is a feature that automatically corrects misspelled words and typos. To enable AutoCorrect, click the Tools tab and select AutoCorrect. .AutoFill saves you precious time, especially when you are trying to type in a numbered list manually. To activate it, go to the Edit menu, point to Fill and click Series.#6. Display FormulasWith just a single keystroke, you can toggle between Excel’s standard normal display and the display mode, which shows you how the formulas actually appear in the system. The formula is Ctrl + ~. Press this combination once when you are in a spreadsheet and Excel will display formulas instead of the results of these formulas.#7. Manage Page LayoutYou’ll want to be sure your printouts look as good as the display onscreen, so you’ll need to know how to manage page layout. You’ll find these options by clicking the Page Layout tab. Consider playing around with options like page numbering, columns, and page borders to see how they work, then branch out.#8. Create a custom calculator.The capabilities of calculations in Excel go far beyond simply adding subtotals to view the grand total. If you find yourself running the same complex calculations over and over again, let Excel deal with them so you can toss your old calculator:Open a new file, and label fields for what interests you. This can include rate, quarterly periods, present/future value, and payments.Select the cell you want the result of each of the labeled fields to go to. Click "Insert" and select "Function" to open the "Insert Function" window. Then select "Financial" to view all the functions in the financial calculation.Double click the labeled field of choice, which will open a function arguments window. Fill in the field numbers as how you labeled them. Click "OK" and you're done with the calculator for that label.#9. Make use of accounting functions.Excel is fully equipped for loan calculators, financial reports, expense tracking, forecasts, and budget plans. Spare meeting with the accountant and view metrics like revenue, operating profit, interest, depreciation, net profit, and quarterly trends at a glance. Pivot tables can help you create dynamic summary reports from raw data very easily, all in a drag-and-drop interface:If you're doing this on a new spreadsheet, click on cell 1A, and then click on the "Number" tab at the top of the page. Under "Format Cells," select the "Accounting" option. Unless you wish to make additional adjustments, select "OK." You can deselect showing the currency symbol if you wish at this point.You can apply this format to a range of cells by selecting the range of cells with a format painter tool.Built-in formulas that can be applied and tweaked to customize include cash flow and asset depreciation. After applying the formulas, continue creating other formulas that branch off into new column headings, such as date, balance, and amount.#10. Transform numbers into charts and graphs.All it takes is a few clicks to transform rows and columns of numerical data into charts and graphs, which are far more visual and digestible. It's a major timesaver for data analysis:Enter your data into the spreadsheet. For example, A1 could say "Date" and B1 could say "Number of Signups." A2 and B2 downwards would have the data entries as they correspond with one another.When done, select the top left cell, and then while pressing "Shift," click on the bottom right cell. This will highlight all the data.Click the "Insert" tab up top, and select "Chart" and "Recommended Charts."Click a chart option, or click on "All Charts" for additional options.#11. Map out daily calendars and schedules.You already have software for daily calendars and schedules. Sure. But why turn to many individual pieces of software when one can handle it all?Use Excel to map out a content calendar for your website and blog. Use it to maintain a PTO schedule of all your employees. Color-coordinate for different categories, so you can get a quick grasp of areas that may need more focus. It'll help you monitor progress more efficiently:Conduct a search on schedule templates. This varies greatly depending on which version of Excel you're using.Preview the schedule templates, and download the most suitable one to open into a new worksheet.Alter text/colors as needed and desired, and get right into inputting the data!
Where can I get all excel shortcut keys?
Here’s an infographic of the top 80 Excel shortcuts.The shortcuts are curated from this interactive list of 200 Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts. There’s also printable PDF cheatsheets here.
What is the best and fastest way to learn Tally?
Download Tally ERP 9 software from InternetRun it in educational mode, as active mode requires KEY which is available only on purchase.Simultaneously, Search Google for TALLY Shortcut Keys. Save it in a Word or Pdf fileCreate a new company in Tally.Now, Just try your hands on tally.Try to enter vouchers, create legders, Groups. And, if you encounter a problem, then just see it in Tally Shortcut Keys File.Practice, Practice and Practice daily for 1-2 hours.This way you can learn to work on Tally within 5- 7 days.“ Pre-requisite: To Learn Tally, you must have good accounting knowledge”
I want to learn MS Excel shortcut keys and all the formulas. From where do I learn this?
Here’s an infographic of the top 80 Excel shortcuts.The shortcuts are curated from this interactive list of 200 Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts. There’s also printable PDF cheatsheets here.
What are the best one-minute life hacks?
Note: No idea if they are one minute hacks but here’s the listIf someone asks you for nudes and you don’t want to send any, just send the text “Did you get it?” without sending any picturesGot a number that’s spamming you? Pick up the phone and answer with: “thank you for calling West field Sperm Bank. You spank it, we bank it.” Works like a charmIf you have a song stuck in your head just listen to it and it’ll stopWanna drive safer. Pretend every other driver is stupid. That’ll raise your cautionsWith 30% off, you save some money. But by not even buying it, you save 100%. Damn those coupons trying to tempt me every timeWhen friends are over and you need to take a dump or pee. Just put tissue into the toilet before you go. You don’t hear embarrassing noises and the water from the toilet doesn’t splash back upPut your clothes in the dryer before going out in the cold weatherGet your oil changed every 3,000 milesYou don’t need to be friend with people you don’t likeKeep an empty pack of gum in your bag so that if someone asks you for some, you can take out the empty pack and say it was your last one.Many car repairs are simple with the help of a search engine.If you want an e-book version of a classic but can’t find it on amazon, kindle, search for it with pdf following the title and author. FREE. Worked for me on several occasions.If you don’t want people to talk to you. Put headphones in and not play any music! Works almost every timeYou can park wherever you want if you put your hazard lights on and take your tire offInstead of using the space bar try the letter ‘K’ it will always pause the youtube video without going down to the comment sectionIf I missed anything, put it in the comments. :)
What can I learn in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?
You can learn to cook Maggi in 2 minutes and I can assure , it will be useful for your entire Life.Just kidding…!!!Here is the real deal it’s not a trick it just a random thing works like a motivator.Mobile Password :-Now let’s say you have a big goal. To achieve this goal you have particular amount of time.Now here is what will happenDay 1 :- You work hard.Day 2 :- You work hard but not as hard as day 1.Day 3 :- You will find random thing more interesting than your goal.Fast forward to Day 6Day 6 :-You completely lost your interest in your goal. You are doing every thing except your goal.And want to forget guilty feeling of not doing your work associated to your goal.Now the thing that ruined your perfect plan is ‘LACK OF MOTIVATION.’Problem :-First day you were full of motivation with every passing day your motivation dropped little by little and finally vanished.Solution :- The only solution i got for your problem is you have to stay motivated and here comes my trick into the picture.Following are the steps to fulfill this trick :-Write your goal on the paper in one sentence.Now pick up the key words from the sentence.Set this keywords as your mobile password.For Example :-I want to lose weight from 100 kg to 90 kg.Keywords:- weight loss-90Now set this keywords as your mobile password.Now every time you will unlock your mobile. You will type your password. According to research an average person check his/her mobile 110 times a day. It will act as reminder.So typing your password 110 times a day you will set your goal in your subconscious mind.That’s it. Upvote it if you found it helpful.EDIT :- All those who are saying that this trick will not work. For them I want to say that you are simply addicted to your mobile. for those simply check this answer.Amar Manojkumar Jadhav's answer to How do I get rid of my mobile?
Where can I find a list of shortcut keys for Windows 8?
You can check out Shortcut keys for windows 8 at Tech cortex. You can also Download PDF List of Windows shortcut key list.