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How lazy are you?

Case 1 . I was studying in my room, solving tricky problems. And then suddenly, I felt the need of the guidebook I’d left on the table, 5 feet away from me. Well, instead of hurting my dear body,I downloaded PDF file of that book, which by the way, took half an hour to download. 5 feet! .p Case 2 . I just made myself comfortable on bed when I realized I had forgotten to switch ON the fan. What to do? I didn’t want to hurt myself. So I switched OFF the WIFI router which was just near me. “Why internet stopped working suddenly?” mom came into the room, shouting. “Oh. Is it? Let me check!” I said and switched ON the wifi again. And when she was going back, I said “Oh. Can you please switch ON the fan before you go” I said as if it was an after-thought! Case 3 . I tried rotating batteries of remote but still, it didn't work. Watched “ Third eye of Nirmal baba” ! Lazy me!! .p

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My friends were watching “Mental hospital”. HHH…. That was so cute! “I wish I was in that place right now.” Said one as the other said, making both of them laugh. “Don't be ridiculous, kid, that place is the mental hospital.” Said my friend as he looked up at my direction, but I was looking to the side. “Mental Hospital is my favorite.” Said one of my friends. ‛Oh, you are so weird.” I said as I made my eyes to the ceiling. .p “What about you?” Said one and we both went around the table and started talking, while we were laughing. AHH!!! Said one, putting down his fork and walking away. .p That night, at around 10:30 PM, my neighbor came to me when he saw my room was dark and his door was open. “Hey,” Said the neighbor in a polite.

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