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Okay so first of all I already have my table made in Excel and I already have it formatted the way I want it and I want to copy this into Word but I want to rotate it 90 degrees so that it is on its side and the first method of doing this is just to copy everything and then to open up the word document and right-click and to paste it as a picture then I can select this and I can rotate it so that it is sideways now I'm just going to undo that and the second method involves copying everything and then right-clicking and pasting transposed I am now going to rotate the text in this and I'm going to rotate text upwards however you can see that there's a problem with this because my year starts in 2016 and goes to 2013 so this here is the wrong way around now if I try rotating the text in the other direction my ears are now going along at the bottom and this is the wrong way around so I'm going to undo that and in order to fix this I'm going to type in a 1 here and then I'm going to click and drag this and select fill series I'm going to highlight everything I'm going to sort and filter custom sort then I'm going to go to options sort left to right ok then I sort by Row one and I'm going to sort largest to smallest then I'm going to select ok and it has now changed the order of my columns it has reversed their order this time when I copy it then I paste transposed they will now albeit the right way around so I can rotate the text rotate text up and now I have my table on its side I'm just going to reshape this then I can copy everything and I can paste it into word and I'm just ctrl D to paste now you'll see here for number of data points the S is very close to the edge and this is because if I select this and go to layout and cell margins this here is technically the top and this is the bottom so I need to change the cell margins in order to fix this also if I change the width now this is now changing the height and if I change the height that would change the width because everything is tilted on its side okay and that is it.

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Why do web designers create ugly sites for clients? I understand that the clients may not understand what a good site looks like, and are happy with mediocre, but shouldn't the designer/developer know better?
Here's the ideal:Client: Hey, designer. Here's an outline of what I want, and all the information you need to do a great design.Designer: Sweet! days later Here you go, a beautiful website.Client: Awesome, it looks great!Here's the reality:Client Representative: Hey, designer. Here's an outline of what I want, and all the information you need to do a great design.Designer: Swe--Boss: Make sure it integrates with our CRM, CMS, and our proprietary payment processing software.Marketing: We'd like to see three kinds of carousel widgets so we can feature content prominently. The right column will sometimes contain adwords banners. Make sure you integrate our web analytics, A/B testing, CRM, and content delivery platforms.Sales: We need to be able to rotate vendor logos into our header. Also, forget what marketing said, the right column should be reserved entirely for a client status widget. Can we change the first three tabs in the nav to "Features," "Advantages," and "Benefits?" IT: Nobody cleared any of these technologies with us, and three of them don't work with our stack unless you write your own custom adapters, so no one will support them if you design around them. Except you. What's your home phone number, by the way?Finance: How are we tracking the site's ROI? We need visibility into profitability both per-category and per-page, so we can incrementally adjust and improve.Customer Service: It also needs to be as simple as possible for our idiot customers...and make sure there's a self-service knowledgebase, and our phone number is hard to find. Except in Europe.Legal: We have to vet all the graphic and copy choices to make sure we aren't infringing on anything.Localization: By the way, all those pixel-perfect UI elements you created? Turns out that 7-letter word in English translates to "Produkteinführungen" in German.Accounting: And your budget is $500.Client Representative: And here's all the info you need to get started. e-mails 2-page PDFThen repeat after each iteration.
How do you rotate a table in Microsoft Word?
It is possible, but with some limitation.Though the table will be still editable, while editing a shape that has text inside, Word resets the text temporarily to the default orientation.Here are the steps:Step 1:Create a table. Then select all the table contents using the icon on one of the table corners. Copy the selection.Step 2:Create an empty textbox outside the table, right click on the textbox and choose “Add text”.Step 3:Paste the table you have copied inside the textbox. Note that the size of the textbox will affect how the table will look like. Unless there’s enough space inside.Step 4:Rotate the textbox(which will consequently rotate all its content including the table) using ordinary rotation icon(the green circle).Result:A rotated table in Word.In addition, for the textbox, You can set the background color and the shape outline color to whatever color you want to make it transparent so only the table will be visible.Good luck!
What are some of the most important problems in computational neuroscience that might drastically affect our perception of the brain and its functioning? Do we have an idea of how to attack such problems?
There are quite a few problems that computational neuroscientists need to solve in order to achieve a true theoretical understanding of biological intelligence.But I'd like to talk about one problem that I think is the holy grail of computational neuroscience and artificial intelligence: the quest for invariance. From a purely scientific and technological perspective I think this is a far more important and interesting problem than anything to do with the "C-word": Consciousness. :)Human (and animal) perception has an extraordinary feature that we still can't fully emulate with artificial devices. Our brains somehow create and/or discover invariances in the world. Let me start with a few examples and then explain what invariance is.Invariance in visionThink about squares. You can recognize a square irrespective of its size, color, and position. You can even recognize a square with reasonable accuracy when viewing it from an oblique angle. This ability is something we take for granted, but we haven't really figured it out yet.Now think about human faces. You can recognize a familiar face in various lighting conditions, and despite changes in facial hair, make-up, age, and context. How does the brain allow you to do things like this?Invariance in hearingThink about a musical tune you know well. You will probably be able to recognize it even if it is slowed down, sped up, hummed, whistled, or even sung wordlessly by someone who is tone-deaf. In some special cases, you can even recognize a piece of music from its rhythmic pattern alone, without any melody. How do you manage to do this?Think about octave equivalence. A sound at a particular frequency sounds like the same note as a sound at double the frequency. In other words, notes an octave apart sound similar. What is happening here?What is invariance?How does your brain discover similarity in the midst of so much dissimilarity? The answer is that the brain somehow creates invariant representations of objects and patterns. Many computational neuroscientists are working on this problem, but there are no unifying theoretical frameworks yet.So what does "invariance" mean? It means "immunity to a possible change". It's related to the formal concept of symmetry. According to mathematics and theoretical physics, an object has symmetry if it looks the same even after a change. A square looks exactly the same if you rotate it by 90 degrees around the center. We say it is invariant (or symmetrical) with respect to a 90 degree rotation.Our neural representations of sensory patterns somehow allow us to discover symmetries and use them for recognition and flexible behavior. And we manage to do this implicitly, without any conscious effort. This type of ability is limited and it varies from person to person, but all people have it to some extent.Back to the examplesWe can redefine our examples using the language of invariance.The way humans represent squares and other shapes is invariant with respect to rotation, as well as with respect to changes in position, lighting, and even viewing angle.The way humans represent faces is invariant with respect to changes in make-up, facial hair, context, and age. (This ability varies from person to person, of course.)The way humans represent musical tunes is invariant with respect to changes in speed, musical key, and timbre.The way humans represent musical notes is invariant with respect to doubling of frequency (which is equivalent to shifting by an octave.)All these invariances are partial and limited in scope, but they are still extremely useful, and far more sophisticated than anything we can do with artificial systems.Invariance of thought patterns?The power of invariance is particularly striking when we enter the domain of abstract ideas -- particularly metaphors and analogies.Consider perceptual metaphors. We can touch a surface and describe it as smooth. But we can also use the word "smooth" to describe sounds. How is it that we can use texture words for things that we do not literally touch?Now consider analogies, which are the more formal cousins of metaphors. Think of analogy questions in tests like the GRE and the SATs. Here's an examplearmy: soldier :: navy : _____The answer is "Sailor".These questions take the form "A:B::C:D", which we normally read as "A is to B as C is to D". The test questions normally ask you to specify what D should be.To make an analogy more explicit, we can re-write it this way: "R(x,y) for all (x,y) = (A,B) or (C,D)". The relation "R" holds for pairs of words (x,y), and in particular, for pairs (A,B) as well as (C,D).In this example, the analogical relationship R can be captured in the phrase "is made up of". An army is made up of soldiers and a navy is made up of sailors. In any analogy, we are able to pick out an abstract relationship between things or concepts.Here's another example discussed in the Wikipedia page on analogy:hand: palm :: foot: _____The answer most people give is "sole". What's interesting about this example is that many people can understand the analogy without necessarily being able to explain the relationship R in words. This is true of various analogies. We can see implicit relationships without necessarily being able to describe them.We can translate metaphors and analogies into the language of invariance.The way humans represent perceptual experiences allows us to create metaphors that are invariant with respect to changes in sensory modality. So we can perceive smoothness in the modalities of touch, hearing and other senses.The way humans represent abstract relationships allows us to find/create analogies that are invariant with respect to the particular things being spoken about. The validity of the analogy R(x,y) is invariant with respect to replacing the pair (x,y) with (A,B) or (C,D).The words "metaphor" and "analogy" are essentially synonyms for the word "invariant" in the domains of percepts and concepts. Science, mathematics and philosophy often involve trying to make explicit our implicit analogies and metaphors.Neuroscience, psychology and cognitive science aim to understand how we form these invariant representations in the first place. In my opinion doing so will revolutionize artificial intelligence.Further reading:I've only scratched the surface of the topic of invariance and symmetry.I talk about symmetry and invariance in this answer too:Mathematics: What are some small but effective theses or ideas in mathematics that you have came across?I talk about the importance of metaphors in this answer:Why are metaphors and allusions used while writing?I was introduced to many of these ideas through a book by physicist Joe Rosen called Symmetry Rules: How Science and Nature Are Founded on Symmetry. It’s closer to a textbook that a popular treatment, but for people interested in the mathematics of symmetry and group theory, and how it relates to science, this is an excellent introduction. Here is a summary of the book: [pdf]Relatively recent techniques such as deep learning have helped artificial systems form invariant representations. This is how facial recognition software used by Google and Facebook work. But these algorithms still don't have the accuracy and generality of human skills, and the way they work, despite being inspired by real neural networks, is sufficiently unlike real neural processes that these algorithms may not shed much light on how human intelligence works.EDIT: Some technical aspects of auditory and visual invariants are discussed in the comments section.EDIT II: I have written an essay on invariance/symmetry that expands on the ideas here: Science: the Quest for Symmetry | 3 Quarks Daily
How can I convert a Word document to a PDF?
There are many options.1. In Word 2010 users, go to Share - Create PDF Document and directly save the Word to PDF.2. If Office/Word 2007 is used, you can download  2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS then save the Word or Excel/PowerPoint to PDF.3. The add-in does support Office 2003 and before version, so you need to download a third party app like PDF Creator Lite that also supports Word 2007/2010 version.4. If you have installed Rotate Pdf /4405042 How To Rotate A Pdf In Word Rotate Pdf /4405042 How To Rotate A Pdf In Word Pro, you can directly import the Word and save as PDF, as it is a pdf creator, supports all Word version.
What are some lesser known but useful websites?
Here we go!1. Remove.bgThis AI powered website helps you to remove background from an image. You wouldn't believe the accuracy of the final product. This website can save hours (This one is my personal favourite).*Don't forget to check the last one*2. Fast.comYou can use this website to check the internet speed of your phone's network. No need to install any app :)3. Websiteoutlook.comYou can use this website to get the details of alexa rank, page views per day, worth of any website.4. Scr.imThis website converts your email address to short urls. This can help you to hide your email id from spamrobots.5. Tineye.comYou can use this website for reverse image searching Or you can use Reverse Image SearchBoth are good. (You can also use Google reverse image search in your phone after switching to desktop site)6. http://Screenshot.gurutake high-resolution screenshots of webpages on mobile and desktops.7. privnote.comThis website helps you to send notes that can self-destruct after it’s read.8. pdfescape.comThis website helps you to edit PDF files, create & edit PDF forms, protect PDF files with password online.9. pixabay.comThis website has 1.6 million royalty free images.10. Mailinator.comAlmost every website you visit asks you to sign-up using an email address. Mailinator is a free service that gives you an email address that automatically gets destroyed after a few hours. You can use this email id to activate your account on any website and you don't have to worry about getting spammed ever in your life.11. Accountkiller.comThis website helps you to delete your social media accounts without the tedious process with hoops of questions and steps.12. virusscan.jotti.orgThis website lets you scan suspicious files with several anti-virus programs13. unfurlr.comThis website unmasks the original URL hiding behind a short link.________________________________________________Edit1: Bonus round XD14. Getemoji.comThere are tons of emoji available which you might not have in your shortcuts or keyboards,You can simply copy emoji and paste where you want to use.15. cvmkr.comIf you aren’t good at designing and a good looking CV for yourself, you should try it once.Provide your information and they will create beautiful CV automatically.16. Airhorner.comJust a simple air horn, in your browser to blow up anywhere and have fun :- )17. Unsplash.comUnlimited and Huge amount of royalty free images for using anywhere.They have really some cool wallpapers and you don’t need to worry about copyright for using them anywhere.18. smaller-pictures.appspot.comYou can compress your images directly in your browser, anywhere anytime, no need to download a full software or app for quick stuff.19. About.meYou can quickly create your personal homepage, with all of your info with a URL to share. 20. y2mate.comDownload YouTube videos or Convert them to MP321. File.pizzaIt’s kind of different way sending files to someone.Your files are never stored somewhere, the person whom you want to send any specific files will directly download from your side like peer to peer file transfer.22. qrcodescan.inScan QR codes without installing any app.________________________________________________Edit:2You guys are awesome!! Didn't expect such amazing response from all of you. Here I'm adding some more…Enjoy!!23. www.Adblockplus.orgIt is a fact that pop-up ads, flashy banners and video ads are very annoying when they appear while you are searching for something. How will you feel if an ad interrupts you when you are watching a video on YouTube? Very disturbing right! blocks all the annoying ads on the site that you are visiting and makes your internet surfing enjoyable again.24. Howtopronounce.comIf you are keen on learning a new language or if you are unsure how to pronounce a specific word correctly or not, then you should check out website is a free online audio pronounciation dictionary which helps you learn how to exactly pronounce any word or sentence.It supports multiple languages so you can learn pronunciations of any words in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish etc.25-A. ConvertfilesIf you want to convert any file, spreadsheet, audio file, video file, or any other file format into another format, you can easily do that at completely free.This website allows you to convert files up to 250 MB and you will see more than 330 combinations of input and output file formats. You just need to select the file and choose the output format and results will be in front of you within seconds!25-B. For shy desperate singles :pstoriesigYou can use this website to see the Instagram stories of your crush or loved ones without letting them know :D (The account has to be public)Some useful web-games that you can play online without downloading.26-A. Pacman:play pacman online - Google Search26-B. Tic Tac Toe:playtictactoe.org28. Various games: (They are really awesome)Free Online Action GamesPoki.comA10: Free Games Online With Style________________________________________________Edit3: Some funny websites :D30. 1Billion facebook profile pictures in a website:app.thefacesoffacebook.com31. Make your letters beat ( I recommend you to try this, this is crazy!!)typedrummer.com32. See live edits happening on Wikipedia on Press & drag to make wind. The lion will surely appreciate! Find the exactly opposite side of any place on Earth.antipodr.com35. An interesting 60 seconds meditation for you.pixelthoughts.co36. "Go fun the world" -9GAG9gag.com37. Bored? Press the button.Bored? Press the Bored Button.38. The famous photo with a mind-blowing 195 gigapixels.[Zoom as much as you can B-) ]195 Gigapixel Shanghai________________________________________________Edit:4 For space enthusiasts!39. You can track the live location of the ISS ( International Space Station) with this website:ISSTracker ~ Real-Time Location Tracking of the International Space Station40. Find the live location of any satellite:www.n2yo.com41. See the live 3D map of objects in Earth orbit.Stuff in SpaceWhere,Red dot = Satellite.Blue dot= Rocket parts.Grey dot= Debris.This is how it looks like:42. Listen to thousands of live radio stations world wide by rotating the globe.Listen to Radio Hindi International from Kolkata live on Radio Garden__________________________________________________Edit: 5 Topic: Internet security43. Before setting your password visit this website to check how strong your password is & how much time it would take to be cracked by hackers.howsecureismypassword.net44. Before clicking on any "99% sale on Amazon" type link/url please visit this website & check if the link is safe or not, you can upload & scan suspicious files before installing.VirusTotal________________________________________________Edit:645. For DIY lovers :DA. Instructables.comB. Doityourself.comC. Ehow.comD. Hackaday.comE. howstuffworks.com46. For UI/UX designersDribbble.com47. Download fonts for personal use.DaFont - Download fonts or We love FREE fonts48. For web developers.Codepen.io49. Mix different sounds, create your perfect environment to improve focus and boost your productivity.Noisli - Improve Focus and Boost Productivity with Background Noise*50* Half century round!This website is gonna make all the book lovers crazy. I bet you'll thank me while using or you can download the app directly from Playstore, here's the link:BookHub - Apps on Google Play[If Bookhub is not available in your country you can try this : AnyBooks—your own book collection - Apps on Google Play ]Visit the websiteDownload the appSearch any famous book (Even if you don't find the free pdf version of the book on the internet)Download the bookStart readingDon't forget to smile & thank the developers & the contributors.Here's my collection:Be like HULK & smash the upvote button!~(˘▾˘~)Namaste.._/\_Img src: Google & my ‘phun's’ gallery :p
How can I convert a PDF to Word?
Do you really have a PDF format file where you want to change or convert it to a word file? No question about it, you definitely have! Don’t worry it is very simple to Convert PDF to Word File.This is the automatic software which do it. Here is the Guide, check here.It is also easy to edit pdf file online, so let’s discuss on how to convert it. Maximum number of people love PDF file for any field. It does not take a lot of space and it cannot easily editable. PDF file is a very compact file than original file size but the files preserve in their original size. This file format is only for read.Edit PDF Files OnlineThis is really great whenever you want to send any file or rules file to another one because they cannot change it easily but thankfully we will tell you the process to convert PDF file to word file so that if you received any PDF file and you want to minor changes into this document then you can easily.For your better experience, we will discuss how to convert PDF file to word file in different two ways.Covert HD Video without any Quality LossSo are you ready to know the secret then follow these steps one by one which is showing below--Convert PDF to Word File OnlineNow we are going to tell you how you can convert a PDF file to word file through online. Don’t worry it is a free website.Step-1At first, open your internet browser and type the following web address which is showing in the picture or this link.Step-2Then click on Upload a File to Convert and browse the PDF file which you want to convert to the document file and click open. Then it will take some few seconds to upload.Step-3Then click on Download which is showing the top of the page.Step-4After that scroll, the web page and you will see Download Word file option. Then click on it to save automatically into your drive.Now you can open that word file so that you can easily change. So this is one of the simple ways to convert PDF file to word file online.
How do I convert a PDF to a Word document?
Do you truly have a PDF design document where you need to change or change over it to a word record? No inquiry regarding it, you certainly have! Try not to stress it is exceptionally easy to Convert PDF to Word File.This is the programmed programming which do it. Here is the Guide, check here.It is additionally simple to alter pdf record on the web, so how about we examine on the most proficient method to change over it. Most extreme number of individuals adore PDF petition for any field. It doesn't take a considerable measure of space and it can't without much of a stretch editable. PDF document is an extremely minimized record than unique record measure however the documents safeguard in their unique size. This record arrange is just for perused.Edit PDF Files OnlineThis is truly awesome at whatever point you need to send any record or standards document to another on the grounds that they can't transform it effectively however fortunately we will disclose to you the procedure to change over PDF record to word document so that on the off chance that you got any PDF document and you need to minor changes into this archive then you can without much of a stretch.For your better involvement, we will examine how to change over convert PDF file to word file in various two ways.Covert HD Video without any Quality LossSo are you ready to know the secret then follow these steps one by one which is showing below--Convert PDF to Word File OnlineNow we are going to tell you how you can convert a PDF file to word file through online. Don’t worry it is a free website.Step-1At first, open your internet browser and type the following web address which is showing in the picture or this link.Step-2Then click on Upload a File to Convert and browse the PDF file which you want to convert to the document file and click open. Then it will take some few seconds to upload.Step-3Then click on Download which is showing the top of the page.Step-4After that scroll, the web page and you will see Download Word file option. Then click on it to save automatically into your drive.Now you can open that word file so that you can easily change. So this is one of the simple ways to convert PDF file to word file online.
What are the best PDF to Word converters?
Lots of software that converts PDF to Word, both online and installable applications. I’ve tested many PDF to Word converters, here is my recommendation.Desktop SoftwareFor Windows:Solid PDF ToolsPDF to Word Converter| Solid DocumentsFor Mac:Lighten PDF to Word ConverterPDF to Word Converter for Mac | Lighten SoftwareFree online PDF to Word Converter:CleverPDF: PDF to Word Converter Free - CleverPDF.compdftoword .com PDF to Word ConverterBut if your PDF file is a scanned document, which doesn’t have any text content, but only scanned images within the PDF file, OCR is required for extracting text characters from images.ABBYY FineReader is the best for OCR conversion.ABBYY FineReader 14PDF conversion is never easy, different developers use different algorithm for format reconstruction. All the developers will claim that their product is the best, but if you convert PDF to Word using 10 different software, you may get 10 different results. Aways try before purchasing. :)
What are some of the best C/C++ projects beginners can try?
Here is a great list of projects to complete in any programming language: karan/Projects Note: this is not my list so all credit goes to karan (star his/her project)Some of the gems sorted by difficulty:Easy- Binary to Decimal and Back Converter - Develop a converter to convert a decimal number to binary or a binary number to its decimal equivalent.- Unit Converter (temp, currency, volume, mass and more) - Converts various units between one another. The user enters the type of unit being entered, the type of unit they want to convert to and then the value. The program will then make the conversion.- Count Vowels - Enter a string and the program counts the number of vowels in the text. For added complexity have it report a sum of each vowel found.- Check if Palindrome - Checks if the string entered by the user is a palindrome. That is that it reads the same forwards as backwards like “racecar”- Count Words in a String - Counts the number of individual words in a string. For added complexity read these strings in from a text file and generate a summary.Medium- Page Scraper - Create an application which connects to a site and pulls out all links, or images, and saves them to a list. Optional: Organize the indexed content and don’t allow duplicates. Have it put the results into an easily searchable index file.- Caesar cipher - Implement a Caesar cipher, both encoding and decoding. The key is an integer from 1 to 25. This cipher rotates the letters of the alphabet (A to Z). The encoding replaces each letter with the 1st to 25th next letter in the alphabet (wrapping Z to A). So key 2 encrypts "HI" to "JK", but key 20 encrypts "HI" to "BC". This simple "monoalphabetic substitution cipher" provides almost no security, because an attacker who has the encoded message can either use frequency analysis to guess the key, or just try all 25 keys.- PDF Generator - An application which can read in a text file, html file or some other file and generates a PDF file out of it. Great for a web based service where the user uploads the file and the program returns a PDF of the file. Optional: Deploy on GAE or Heroku if possible.Hard- Credit Card Validator - Takes in a credit card number from a common credit card vendor (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discoverer) and validates it to make sure that it is a valid number (look into how credit cards use a checksum).- Dijkstra’s Algorithm - Create a program that finds the shortest path through a graph using its edges.- Text Editor - Notepad style application that can open, edit, and save text documents. Optional: Add syntax highlighting and other features.